Move Your Body,

Nourish Your Soul

Personalized holistic fitness. Conveniently located in downtown Ann Arbor.

GYROTONIC® Method • Pilates • Yoga • Health Coaching • Massage • Galileo® Training

Join us to live your joy!

Our philosophy:

Feel Great

Our programs leave you feeling good afterward—not drained or like you just got beat up.  By working with quality, you’ll see results faster and feel a lot better along the way!

Have Fun

You are more likely to stick with a fitness program when you enjoy it.  Our instructors partner with you to create a program that builds joy in your life, both in and out of the studio!

Build Confidence

The more you feel good in your body, the more you naturally want to move and take good care of yourself.  Our expert instructors partner with you every step of the way to keep you making progress and feeling your best!

Be Supported

We use a personalized approach, tailoring each session to your needs.  Our expert instructors use caring, creativity, and a highly trained eye for detail to partner with you, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

“The work we have done together has made me a more well rounded athlete by lengthening and strengthening my muscles as well as helping with injury prevention. I firmly believe I will have a longer career due to the work we do in Pilates and Gyrotonic.”

-Andrew Copp, NHL Player, Winnipeg Jets

“Amazing client service! Although reluctant to begin, my pain level urged me to try Gyro. ‘Joy’ has given me that indeed. Would highly recommend anyone needing physical therapy or a healthier life to give it a try.”

-Betty Stremich

“I am pleased to report my neck pain which had been causing me much concern, was all but gone after my work at your studio last night.  AMAZING!”

-Karen Meyer

“I admire your determination to make Joy a truly open studio, a place where men or women, young or old, feel welcome, well taught, and appreciated.  Joy is a studio that celebrates accomplishment with a light hand; I am a fan.”

-Mary Price, Ann Arbor


  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Health Coaching
  • Galileo® Vibration Plate Training
  • Infrared Sauna

Private Training

Private training offers the ultimate in personalized experience.  Our approach to training is holistic and integrative.  We get to know what’s important to you and design programs that support all areas of your life.  Whether you want to feel better after a day in the garden or to compete in a triathlon, our expert instructors can design a program to support your goals!

Small Group Classes

Group classes offer a community environment with a more economical price tag. We offer a variety of small group classes including:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates mat & reformer
  • Gyrotonic tower & Gyrokinesis

We keep our classes small and offer modifications to accommodate different ability levels and needs.

Healthy Aging

The calendar tells you that you’re in your 60s or 70s, but on the inside you still think of yourself as 20-something.  We can help you:

  • Stay flexible so you can get on the floor with your grandkids;
  • Maintain good balance for fall prevention;
  • Build healthy bones to prevent osteoporosis.

Plus we’ll offer your inner 20-year-old a good dose of fun and challenge!

Specialized Training

Our instructors can help you to correct faulty movement patterns or create and maintain correct alignment of the body.  This type of training is especially useful for:

  • High level athletes and dancers who are looking for the perfect crosstraining.
  • Those in post-rehab, living with pain, or recovering from injuries who haven’t been successful in returning to traditional exercise.
  • Golfers, tennis players, and runners who are looking for a way to stay flexible and bring more power to their game.

Is now the time?

Are you ready to:

  • Stop feeling like your health is a battle?
  • Feel great about your body?
  • Be supported on your wellness journey?

We’d love to partner with you!